RMI Diagnostic Laboratory

The specialists working at Reproductive Medicine Institute advise married couples on all female and male infertility issues. Therapy offered at RMI provides for a proper diagnostics ensuring exceptional standard of medical services. In practice correct diagnosis is based both on the medical practitioner’s knowledge and on the exact results of tests taken.

Reproductive Medicine Institute’s Diagnostic Laboratory conducts tests using state-of-the-art diagnostic methods and high technology equipment. It enables our patients to undergo comprehensive screening and all tests necessary for therapy or surgery prescription at RMI.

Our clinic performs a wide range of various tests and research thanks to diagnostic laboratory exceptional equipping and personnel skills. Practically all laboratory processes are computerized and automated minimizing errors and misleading results. RMI’s diagnostic facility is one of the best laboratory in Almaty.

RMI’s Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory: Type of Tests

The following types of tests are performed at RMI’s Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory:

  • Clinical and biochemical blood assay;
  • Determination of blood type rhesus factor;
  • Genetic blood research;
  • Hormonal blood test;
  • PCR blood assay;
  • TORCH and infections blood assay;
  • Clinical urine test;
  • Nechiporenko and Zimnitsky tests;
  • PCR swab test (as per the relevant medial practitioner’s indication);
  • Hemostasis and amino acid tests;
  • Autoimmune studies;
  • Prostatic swab and fluid test;
  • Semen analysis;
  • Histologic study;
  • Bacteriological tests.

Please see the costs of RMI laboratory tests at Price List tab.

The Right Way to Undergo Tests. Information for Patients

Patients must follow certain rules applicable to each test type. We recommend that each patient familiarize himself/herself of the following general conditions:

  • Before the test the patient should avoid fatty and fried food as well as alcohol within 1-3 days prior to the day of the test;
  • Tests must be taken before to any procedures (massage, injections, etc.) and drugs;
  • Fasted patients should undergo biochemical and clinical blood tests from 07:30 a.m. until 11:00 a.m;
  • Emotional and physical strain must be avoided in case of hormone tests. It would be best to come to the clinics 15-20 minutes before the test taking time and to sit calm in the clinic lobby;
  • It is not advisable to take blood after physiotherapy, x-ray or other types of examination;
  • Genitalia must be washed before urine taking;
  • When taking hormone tests female of reproductive age must be inquired of the menstrual cycle day and pregnant women must be asked her gestational age;
  • Prior to tests taking the medical practitioner must be informed of any drugs taken by the patient.

In order to obtain correct results over time the specialists of the RMI’s laboratory recommend to take tests in the same laboratory.

How to Obtain Tests Results

In addition to standard RMI laboratory tests results preparation timing certain assays may be prepared on an urgent basis.  If a patient has his/her tests taken from 07:30 a.m. until 09:00 a.m., then the results will be prepared in a speedy manner.  Hormone tests results are prepared in compliance with applicable schedule.

All results of the tests prepared at RMI’s diagnostic laboratory may be obtained upon presentation of the relevant patient’s identity card.

If a patient indicated his/her e-mail address when his/her tests are taken, then the results may be sent via e-mail.

Please note that the test results do not constitute a diagnosis, they help clarify health condition.  Only the involved medical practitioner or a dedicated expert may establish the diagnosis.

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