Maternity Welfare Center

Maternity Welfare Center. Classes Commencement Time: 10:00 a.m.


12 march

Labor, labor phases, precursors to labor, commencement signs. Caesarian operation.

13 march

Natural anaesthetization, visualization, relaxation during labor, massage and pain relieving points.

14 march

Breathing techniques, position during contractions and positions during the second phase of labor, delivery with partner.

15 march

Imprinting, meet your baby, baby care in the maternity hospital and at home.

16 march

Breast feeding.

Please register for classes over the telephones: 8 (727) 234-34-34, +7 (771) 934-34-34 or have your obstetrician and gynaecologist register you for classes.

  • Please have socks on you during classes;
  • You may have a pad and a pen on you to make notes;
  • Please wear gym clothes during classes.

Teacher: Kotyay Yelena Mikhailovna, conference hall.

Kabanbay batyr 226

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