Infertility Treatment Using ART

Infertility Treatment Using ART

Infertility implies inability of one or both partners of a fertile age to conceive within one year of regular sexual activities without contraception. The following are infertility types:

  • female infertility stands for ovarian failure, inflammatory processes, reproductive system organs pathology, endometriosis, age-specific changes, etc.;
  • male infertility means insufficient number or lack of germ cells, hydrocele, varicocele, prostatitis, vesiculitis, problems with organogenesis or paramorphia of reproductive organs, etc.;
  • complex problems of both partners;
  • immunological (incompatibility of partners);
  • unexplained infertility (idiopathic).

According to statistics male and female infertility constitutes approximately 80% of the total clinical cases. Approximately 15-18% cases are qualified mixed infertility. Immunological and idiopathic infertility is fairly rare.
This pathology is classified into the following types:

  • Absolute infertility: In this case pregnancy is impossible due to absence of uterus or uterine tubes, absence of ovaries, lack of germ cells.
  • Relative sterility: In this case conception is relatively unlikely but still possible.
  • Natural sterility (1st Category) is diagnosed when a woman or a man has never conceived with previous partners.
  • Secondary sterility implies impossibility of conception after the first pregnancy. This condition may be diagnosed in both women and men whose previous partners have never got pregnant.

Infertility Treatment. Experts

Until recently for majority families infertility meant long-term not always successful care. However, today most pathological conditions in male and female reproductive systems respond to treatment. Fertility specialists take preventive measures and treat female infertility.

Reproductive Medicine is a sphere dealing with diagnostics and care of human reproductive malfunction. It comprises several disciplines:

Fertility specialists closely cooperate with other experts as a complex approach to infertility treatment gives more chances of successful care.

  • embryologists assist selection of IVF technique;
  • andrologists contribute to male care;
  • obstetrician and gynaecologists manage pregnancy;
  • surgeons perform hysteroscopic and laparoscopic studies;
  • geneticists early detect chromosomal abnormalities;
  • endocrinologists, infectious disease specialists, mammologists and ultrasonographers search for infertility causes.

Please have all previous tests and examination results on you when visiting your fertility specialist or urologist.

Married couples should have an appointment with their doctor if they failed to conceive within a year.

Female of 35 years of age and older shall visit their gynaecologist or fertility expert if they fail to become pregnant within six months.

The best experts (whose skills and experience make significant contribution in difficult clinical cases) in Almaty assist patients in RMI.

Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Modern infertility treatment methods imply complex measures aimed at conception. Thorough examination of RMI’s patients permits accurate determination of infertility causes and selection of applicable traditional techniques using assisted technologies, if necessary.

Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) constitute a system of methods used to conceive and give birth to a child. Infertility treatment using ART is successful when nonsurgical treatment fails.
RMI uses the following assisted reproductive technologies:

  • In vitro fertilization (IVF) where ovulation is stimulated by drugs with subsequent retrieval of oocytes and fertilized. Embryos are cultured to further transfer to uterus.
  • ICSI is an artificial fertilization method used in case of male infertility. It implies intracytoplasmic sperm injection to oocyte.
  • During intrauterine insemination (IUI) treated partner’s (donor’s) sperm is introduced into uterus.
  • Donor oocytes are used.
  • Sperm retrieval using microsurgery and testis biopsy;
  • Oocytes, sperm and embryo preservation in cryobank;
  • Diagnostics of embryo genetic disorders cultured in the course of IVF;
  • Surrogate maternity.

Both partners should visit RMI to ensure accurate infertility diagnosis. All kinds of necessary tests and procedures may be performed in the clinics together with an advice of various experts. The cost of ART treatment depends on problem complexity, care duration, etc. and is case sensitive.

Please contact RMI for detailed information:

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