Corporate philosophy, responsibility and core principles

Our Values and Responsibility:

RMI is responsible for treatment result in RMI’s clinics and guarantees the use of modern treatment methods of evidence based medicine, safe diagnostics and prevention.

RMI acts ethically and keeps its patients’ information confidential.

RMI is responsible before its personnel and partners ensuring their work place safety as well as fair and transparent business cooperation.

RMI is responsible before community and the state in strictly complying with Kazakhstan legislation, giving priority to science based treatment approaches and contributing to national healthcare and demographic problem solving.

Corporate Philosophy:

RMI ensures maximum efficiency of infertility treatment by using only state-of-the-art technologies of modern reproductive medicine. We strive to give a chance of a happy family to all our patients. Adhering to strict moral and ethical rules we sincerely care to translate pregnancy and delivery of healthy children into life of each our patient.

Corporate Philosophy Core Principles:

Continuous professional growth and constant knowledge transfer to a new generation of specialists.

Conduct of scientific research with subsequent presentation thereof to a new generation of specialists.

Fair treatment approach and improvement of services quality and comfort.

A genuine desire to use all means provided by modern medicine when assisting our patients.

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