There is an IVF PHARM in our clinics where we offer a wide range of pharmaceuticals, drugs, dietary supplements and medicinal herbs used in gynaecology and urology.
Our pharmacists give professional advice to customers regarding drugs. When we have no necessary medications we can order them and purchase overnight.

Our clients may rest assured in authenticity of the drugs, as our pharmacists track certificates, shelf life and compliance with storage conditions.

Our pharmacy is distinguished by offering the drugs needed to treat infertility:

  • Gonal-F, Diphereline, Decapeptyl, Menopur, Menogon, Crinone, Ovitrelle;
  • Pregnyl, Choragon, IVF C, Puregon, Cetrotide, Orgalutran, Pergoveris,  Follitrop, Elonva, Endometrin.

RMI’s patients enjoy a discount on the drugs under their IVF programs.
Please note that all prices are published on the site for information purposes only and may differ from the prices offered at the pharmacy. Please check the availability of necessary drugs and the prices thereof by calling  234-34-34 ext: 419.

Thank you for understanding!

DrugPrice without DiscountDiscounted Price
1Gonal-F 900 IU vial 1.5 No.1132298126000
2Gonal-F 300 IU vial 0.5 No. 14515042892
3Gonal-F 5.5 µgr 75 IU bottle No.11100010500
4Orgalutran 250 mg No.57874975000
6Cetrotide 250 IU vial No.710080996000
7Menopur 75 IU vial No.1010000095000
8Menopur 600 IU No.17368570000
9Menogon 75 IU vial No.108210678000
10Decapeptyl 0.1 vial No.71750016975
11Diphereline 0.1 vial No.71750016975
12Diphereline 11.25 vial No.100
13Puregon 300 IU No.13631634500
14Puregon 600 IU No.17113569000
15Puregon gel55005000
16Pregnyl 1500 IU No.300
17Pergoveris 150МЕ+75 IU No.12460023862
18Crinone gel 8% No.152000019000
19Ovitrelle 250 IU No.12204618430
20Endometrin 100 mg No. 30 сapsule70006600
21PROfertil No. 60 tablet146230
22PROfertil No.180 tablet438700
23Follitrop 75 IU/0.3 ml82508002
24Follitrop 150 IU/0.3 ml1650016005
25Follitrop 225 IU/0.45 ml2475024008
26Follitrop 300 IU/0.6 ml00
27Choragon 1500 IU No. 3 vial2134120700
28Elonva 100 µgr 0.5 ml No.1180000174600
29Elonva 150 µgr 0.5 ml No.1180000174600
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